Allens Alaska Adventures

Looking to build a cabin in a remote coastal area of Alaska? Whatever you plan on doing, if it requires moving it, we can help! Our rates are the most affordable on the peninsula, you won't find anyone who can beat our prices!

Seals congregating on a rock near Fox Island

Skate near boat

Allens Alaska Adventures is your answer to high cost freight hauling. Our boat is a 12X40 ft. landing craft. We are rated for 23,000 lbs with lots of open deck space (12X30) to haul your valuable cargo. We have 8 individual holds below deck to protect your cargo from the elements.

Check with the other guys, listen to the sales pitch and get a price, then call us. We will beat them! The areas we cover are from lower Prince William Sound to Nuka Bay.


Moose grabing lunch

Our combination of speed, carrying capacity, (23,000lbs) deck space (12X30) and low transport cost make us the best choice for your delivery needs. Transportation does not have to cost a fortune. Let us help you make your dreams of the cabin or lodge come true.