Kayaking in Seward Alaska

At Allens Alaska Adventures we offer our guests a quality experience. From our handcrafted log cabin to our custom charters we are committed to showing you the Real Alaska.

Kayaking near glacier in Seward Alaska

Fishing and Boating in Seward Alaska

Family Trips: Want to take a PRIVATE Sightseeing, Kayak tour. For the less than the others charge for just Kayaking you can have your own private boat AND Kayak.

Kayaking: At Allens Alaska Adventure we cater to the independent spirit in all of us. We offer you the chance to avoid canned tours. With us, if you want to spend 2 hours (instead of 20 minutes) watching Glaciers you can. It is YOUR vacation! We offer Aialik Glacier AND Pedersen Glacier (tide dependent) for 380.00 pp. Everything is included for this price except 3% tax. Others charge 400.00-450.00. We also offer day trips to NW Fjord. Look at the reviews on Tripadvisor.com (Allens Alaska Adventures) If you really want to exp. my Alaska that I have played in for over 30 years.... Lets go play!!!

Kayaking to Aialik Bay or Northwestern Fjord are expensive trips to undertake. We work with several top outfitters to ensure that your once in a lifetime trip is as cost effective and memorable as possible. With over 25 years of experience boating in Alaska and the Kenai Fjords I can bring you places that will blow your mind.

Joe with survivorman, Les Stroud, summer of '07

Seals in Seward Alaska!

All of our boat trips are planned with your desires! When we go on vacation we get to pick and choose what we want, shouldn't you have the same choice? What we want to offer you is what we as Alaskans experience everyday in our great state! Our goal is that when you leave Alaska, you have a bit of the same love that we feel for the last frontier.